Monday, February 13, 2012

Cold Hands...Warm Hearts!

Heike Yates, of HeyLifeTraining, LLC, worked the 10K/10-Miler runners to the core after today's group run!

Our strong and fearless 10K/10 Miler runners ventured out to run in 20 degree temperatures, and single-digit wind chills, along the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda bright and early yesterday morning. After the first mile, all of the runners were warm, chatting, and running strong, in spite of the gusty winds. After running between 3 and 7 miles depending on their goal race and current level of base mileage, the runners all agreed that yesterday's run was a lot easier than anticipated! With the right winter running gear, cold weather running is not only possible, but it's enjoyable, too. A perfect example of the lesson that the hardest step is that first one out the door!

Following our run, the group enjoyed a Pilates for Runners class at Core Studios, which was taught by our favorite Pilates instructor, Heike Yates, of HeylifeTraining, LLC. Her knowledge of the connection between core strength and efficient, injury-free running is invaluable, and her enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you, Heike, for once again providing our runners with a terrific class and some sore abs!

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