Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here is what past participants have to say about our training programs!

"I am really, seriously grateful to you guys for giving me a framework for how I can accomplish my goals. It's good to know that I don't need a class or an expensive membership to a gym ... I just need to pace myself and decide to make it happen. I feel like a lightbulb just went on, and I realized that many of the obstacles I've seen in my way when it comes to fitness are actually in my head."--Meg, Kensington, MD

"I can't thank you enough for everything the two of you did over the past four months. I never would have believed I could have gone from not running at all to finishing a 10K in that amount of time. You were both inspirations to me and helped me through some twists and turns along the way.  I'll also say that despite all of the memorable things from Sunday, the two that probably stick out the most are Lisa running with me down the stretch and Julie helping and congratulating me at the finish. You are both truly awesome coaches."--Brett, Gaithersburg, MD

"With Julie and Lisa's expert advice and relentless support and guidance combined with the camaraderie of a solid team of other runners, I was able to successfully complete my first half marathon." – Jessy, Boyds, MD

"With only slight exaggeration, I can say that Run Farther and Faster saved my life. After participating in several Run Farther & Faster programs, I am healthier than ever as a result of the expert advice I receive from Lisa and Julie, two world class athletes who really understand the dynamics and strategy of running. This isn't some program sponsored by an apparel store in an attempt to get you to buy more merchandise -- Lisa and Julie actually enjoy training other runners, whether beginners or advanced runners of all different ages." -Eric, Rockville, MD

"Julie and Lisa are amazingly supportive and encouraging to all participants and truly want their students to succeed. With their guidance and encouragement, I've run in two 5K races and even placed 1st in my age group in one of them." – Ariel, Potomac, MD

"Julie and Lisa helped create a realistic training program that helped me not only achieve my goal, but BEAT my goal. Julie and Lisa really believed in me and in turn I believed in myself. The smiles and excitement are genuine and that is what makes them great coaches." – Caryn, Bethesda, MD

"Thank you Julie and Lisa for all the support. Indeed you have gone above and beyond my expectations during the course of this journey." --Max, Gaithersburg, MD

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