Friday, November 11, 2011

Virtual Coaching

Our virtual coaching programs are perfect for youth and adult runners who prefer to run on their own instead of a formal group program, or for runners who do not live in the Metropolitan DC area. Virtual coaching is individualized to your specific background, experience, goals and schedule and includes:
  • Initial in-person or phone session, typically lasting about an hour, during which we will review your background and goals and go over some basic running fundamentals including injury prevention, form, nutrition, running gear and selection of a goal race;

  • Comprehensive training plan/calendar designed to fit your schedule and based on the principles of progressive overload and including strength and cross-training. Depending on your experience and goals, the plan may include speed and hill work, tune-up races, and other workouts aimed at helping you achieve your goals;

  • Information on strength training, stretching and nutrition to compliment your running and aid in injury prevention;

  • Weekly check-ins via phone or email to monitor and encourage progress, reevaluate the training plan, adjust the workouts, answer questions, etc.;

  • Availability by phone and email to discuss any questions, concerns or issues that arise during your training;
  • Race preparation, including pacing and nutrition strategy;
  • Discounts for selected online running gear retailers and local races; and

  • For local clients, the option of joining our group training programs for their weekly training runs.
Fees for virtual coaching are:
  • $100 for the first month

  • $90 for subsequent months
Please contact us for more information and to find out more about how virtual coaching can help you reach your running goals in 2012 and beyond!

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