Thursday, March 17, 2011

Runner Profile: Eric

Eric joined our Spring 10K running program through the JCC in early 2010. After successfully completing Pike's Peek 10K in April 2010, Eric went on to participate in our Fall Half Marathon training program and finished the Parks Half Marathon in September 2010. A returning member of our 10K/10-miler program, He has continued to race at the 10K distance, significantly improving his finish times and setting numerous personal records. His wife, Vanessa, was inspired by his accomplishments and joined our City of Rockville beginner 5K program last fall, finishing the Rockville 5K in November 2010. Their twin daughters even got in on the action at the Halloween Young Run in October 2010!

Age: 34

When I started running: January 2010

Why I run: A stressful week of work caused some health issues, and my doctors suggested that more exercise could lessen the effects of my stress. So I started running and training for a 10k. Besides my desire to stay healthy, I enjoy pushing myself to run farther and faster. Lisa, Julie, and their team have provided the necessary training to avoid injury and allow me to benefit from running as a sport and a social gathering.

Favorite local race: Pike's Peek, a 10k race from the Shady Grove metro down Rt-355 to White Flint. It was my first 10k and is still my favorite -- net downhill, comfortable weather, and great after-race events.

How I stay motivated: Training with a group is certainly motivating. Every other runner in the group offered inspiration -- from our trainers who have remarkable results to the beginners who make huge strides in such a short time. Each time I sign up for a race, I am motivated to train to finish that race faster than my previous times. And finishing any race is an incredible sense of accomplishment that you can rarely achieve with other sports. There's no way to fake it and you can't rely on anyone else.

Most memorable running moment: Running through the tunnel in Bethesda at the end of the Parks Half Marathon and hearing the crowds at the finish line. I had never pushed myself to those physical limits before and to know I was just a few hundred feet from completing a race that most people will never accomplish.

Eric and his family following the finish of Parks Half Marathon, September 2010