Sunday, February 3, 2013

Helping You Run Farther and Faster

Thanks for visiting our blog! We hope you will find helpful information, guidance and motivation on your way to running Farther & Faster.

We are Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) certified running coaches and accomplished, locally-ranked runners who have completed the Boston Marathon numerous times, in addition to many other marathons and shorter road races. We are also busy moms, juggling our families, work, volunteer commitments, and, of course, our training schedules.

We coach several group programs year-round in the Montgomery County, Maryland area, from programs for beginners hoping to complete their first 5K through a half marathon program for those targeting a fall half marathon and everything in between.  We also coach workplace running programs for corporations and non-profits to help improve employee wellness and morale, as well as youth programs at local elementary schools.   In addition to providing group coaching, we provide private coaching services for kids and adults, including virtual coaching for marathon training, for runners outside of the area or who prefer to train on their own.   We often speak to groups throughout the D.C. area and write articles about the benefits of running and fitting fitness into a busy life.

One of the greatest rewards of coaching has been watching our runners achieve their goals, whether it be their first 5K, improving their 10K time or finishing a marathon. We base all of our programs on principles of progressive overload, making sure to allow adaptation to avoid injury and over training. Our goal is to make running accessible and fun for everyone.

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Please come back and visit us frequently as we add information on training, racing, nutrition, gear, life outside of running and a host of other topics. If you have any questions or topics you would like to see covered, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. You can reach us via email at and

Happy Running!

Julie and Lisa with NYC skyline in the background prior to the 2010 NYC Marathon


Here is what past participants have to say about our training programs!

"I am really, seriously grateful to you guys for giving me a framework for how I can accomplish my goals. It's good to know that I don't need a class or an expensive membership to a gym ... I just need to pace myself and decide to make it happen. I feel like a lightbulb just went on, and I realized that many of the obstacles I've seen in my way when it comes to fitness are actually in my head."--Meg, Kensington, MD

"I can't thank you enough for everything the two of you did over the past four months. I never would have believed I could have gone from not running at all to finishing a 10K in that amount of time. You were both inspirations to me and helped me through some twists and turns along the way.  I'll also say that despite all of the memorable things from Sunday, the two that probably stick out the most are Lisa running with me down the stretch and Julie helping and congratulating me at the finish. You are both truly awesome coaches."--Brett, Gaithersburg, MD

"With Julie and Lisa's expert advice and relentless support and guidance combined with the camaraderie of a solid team of other runners, I was able to successfully complete my first half marathon." – Jessy, Boyds, MD

"With only slight exaggeration, I can say that Run Farther and Faster saved my life. After participating in several Run Farther & Faster programs, I am healthier than ever as a result of the expert advice I receive from Lisa and Julie, two world class athletes who really understand the dynamics and strategy of running. This isn't some program sponsored by an apparel store in an attempt to get you to buy more merchandise -- Lisa and Julie actually enjoy training other runners, whether beginners or advanced runners of all different ages." -Eric, Rockville, MD

"Julie and Lisa are amazingly supportive and encouraging to all participants and truly want their students to succeed. With their guidance and encouragement, I've run in two 5K races and even placed 1st in my age group in one of them." – Ariel, Potomac, MD

"Julie and Lisa helped create a realistic training program that helped me not only achieve my goal, but BEAT my goal. Julie and Lisa really believed in me and in turn I believed in myself. The smiles and excitement are genuine and that is what makes them great coaches." – Caryn, Bethesda, MD

"Thank you Julie and Lisa for all the support. Indeed you have gone above and beyond my expectations during the course of this journey." --Max, Gaithersburg, MD

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Congrats to January Runner of the Month John Warren!

Congratulations to John Warren, January's Run Farther & Faster Runner of the Month! John was nominated by his sister, Judith, and not only is he a great runner, but he's also a great brother, as reflected by her entry:
The person I think most deserving of Runner of the Month is my brother John Warren.
John started running at age 54 mainly to keep his overweight sister (me) company on my journey towards health. Starting with that first 5k together in November 2009 he has been my biggest cheerleader and my biggest inspiration.

He is quite a bit faster but without fail is waiting at the finish for me cheering. This has extended to the wider circle of friends we have met through running and our local running club. He is the go-to guy to drive the gang to races, he is one of the guys to make sure that everyone gets back off the trail safely, and will run the slower club members in during hard races. He is a geniunely nice guy and is friends with everyone.

He has struggled with injuries including his achilles but is always upbeat and positive. Though John is very competitive, he also celebrates effort from all - no matter ability level - but at the same time pushing to help others improve.

Since that first race in late 2009 he has done almost 60 races and age-medaled in over 1/3 of them. He has raced distances from 5k all the way to doing the Chicago Marathon twice. He continues to improve despite some earlier injuries and PR'd the marathon by over 43 minutes this year.

Running has brought us even closer together and I love running with John. My brother. My inspiration. My hero.

Know a runner who inspires you and others?  Nominate them and they may be our next Runner of the Month and win a Run Farther & Faster prize package. Post your nomination on our Facebook page and stay tuned for our February Runner of the Month!