Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coach Julie's Top 40 Running Tips

Since the hill I am supposedly heading over is expected to arrive in just a few days, it's time to list my top 40 running tips before my impending senility takes over and prevents me from remembering said 40 tips.  So, in no particular order, here are the 40 running-related nuggets I've accumulated while running (and not running) during the last decade:

1.   Running should not be your life, but your life will improve from running;
2.   Running gives you the courage to take risks in other facets of your life;
3.   Although running alone is peaceful and thought-provoking, running with others is much more fun;
4.   While running with others, your runners' high may cause you to reveal private thoughts;
5.   Make sure the person(s) with whom you choose to run can keep those private thoughts (see #4);
6.   Running often dissipates anger, minimizes personal conflicts, and erases negative thoughts;
7.   Running makes you a better parent and spouse (see #6);
8.   Running while parenting young children requires time management and self-discipline;
9.   Regardless of the distance and your stage in life, if you run, you are a runner;
10  Moms should never feel guilty for taking time to run;
11. Personal records can be obtained after pregnancy and childbirth (see #8);
12. Too much running will cause injury;
13. Cross training is an essential component to injury prevention (see #12);
14. Core work is not just for a bikini body;
15. Running helps you appreciate your body, regardless of your bathing suit preference (see #14)
16. Marathons are like childbirth--as soon as you forget the hell, you want to do it again;
17. Personal bests are not just about your time, but also about your willingness to try and fail;
18. Helping others achieve their goals is sweeter than achieving your own goals;
19. Always run at your own pace and not the pace of others--this applies in life, too;
20. A new running outfit helps you run faster;
21. Running brings people together, regardless of their interests outside of running;
22. Runners are typically the nicest and most supportive group of Type A people out there;
23. Although racing is an individual sport, training is an underrated a team sport;
24. Eat to run; don't run to eat;
25. Foam rollers are essential for any over-30 runner who wants to keep running;
26. One cannot tell a book by its cover--runners come in all shapes and sizes;
27. Kids watch what we do.  Runners' kids tend to run and be active;
28. Kids don't do what we say.  Runners' kids do not respond well to parental pressure;
29. Weather can derail the best-laid plans;
30. It's never a great idea to attempt a PR marathon in temperatures above 70 (see #29);
31. It's not a great idea to run two marathons in one month (see #30);
32. 5Ks are a great measure of one's fitness and are underrated;
33. You don't realize how much you need a coach until you no longer have one;
34. One day, we will no longer be able to run, so appreciate the bad running days;
35. Never start out a race too fast, regardless of the distance--you'll crash and burn;
36. Stop avoiding hills; they make you a stronger runner;
37. Befriend the track and make it a habit--you'll get faster;
38. Running is unpredictable, just like life...cherish the gift you have and those who tolerate it;
39. Thank your spouse and children regularly for tolerating your gift;
40. Look back on your mistakes and use them as a means to life and running.

Here's to a new age group!

Coach Julie


  1. Thank you, Elizabeth--that means a lot coming from a friend who has known me since 10 :). Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Julie, first of all, it's impossible that you're close to 40 because you only look 30 (at the oldest). Second, I love these tips--they're spot on! Third, this is such a great idea that I now feel under pressure now to create 50 Running Tips (because I'm old) and they'll have to be different from yours! :)

    Steve Halle

    1. Steve, you really know how to compliment a girl--Tish taught you well. I look forward to your half-century list (sorry, couldn't resist). Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Love it! I can relate to sooo many of them! # 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 36, 39, etc... lol

  4. Glad you could relate, Leigh! Thanks for the feedback and happy running-Julie