Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Helping Suburban Hospital Employees head in a Healthy Direction

Today we had the opportunity to speak to employees at Suburban Hospital as part of the Hospital's Healthy Destinations program, presenting a seminar on how to get off on the "right foot" with a beginner running or triathlon training program. In its fifth year,the Healthy Destinations program won a “Worksite Innovation Award” from the American Heart Association three years in a row. The AHA’s “Fit-Friendly Companies” program and the “Worksite Innovation Award” recognize companies that inspire change by finding innovative ways to promote physical health in the workplace.  As part of the program, employees can earn prizes and recognition by exercising, attending presentations and setting and achieving fitness-related goals.  We love seeing employers put resources into helping support their employees to get, and stay, active and healthy and look forward to helping Suburban expand the program offerings.  Contact us if you'd like us to visit your company to help leadership and employees understand how easy and fun (and beneficial to health insurance costs) it is to get active in the workplace!

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