Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Corporate Programs

Coach Julie talks to employees about a Run Farther & Faster Spring Training Program

As Spring approaches, we kicked off the first of several corporate training programs this week. We love having the opportunity to help employers improve the health and well being of their employees through a group running program! We've seen firsthand the benefits to companies: improved employee morale, a sense of workplace camaraderie and, of course, a healthier workforce. A workplace running program makes getting fit accessible to employees and gives them a built-in support system to help them continue to reap the benefits of being active.

The past week we held Open House kick-off sessions at MedImmune and NIH. At MedImmune, we were joined by friends and respected experts in biomechanics of running Rachel Miller, PT, OCS and Ken Fleit, MPT, both of ProAction Physical Therapy. Rachel and Ken performed gait assessments on MedImmune employees during the Open House, giving them feedback on their running form, including any weaknesses and suggestions for improving those weaknesses.

Run Farther & Faster kicks off NIH's commitment to making running accessible to all employees

This week we head to Montgomery College, where we will work with the school's Wellness Coordinator and HR Department to offer a Beginner 5K program to MC faculty and staff, with the goal of completing Jeremy's Run 5K on Memorial Day together as a team. We have several other corporate programs in store for this Spring, as well- it's exciting to see the idea of workplace running programs catching on and employers supporting these programs! If you are interested in finding out how to implement a program at work, contact us for more information!

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